Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography | Lucy Spartalis

New York’s Rangefinder Magazine just named me one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography. From around the world.


I don’t know how to write about these things. I’ve been honoured with a few wins in my career, but all I really want to say now is: “Guys. This one is big. I’ve made a few previous announcements about exciting things… But this is a really, really exciting thing.”

Some wonderful industry leader out there nominated me for consideration – to whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my everything (and I owe you many a beer).

After receiving the email to announce my nomination (amongst 200+ other nominees from all corners of the world), I had a few weeks to collate 30 pieces for my entry – I’ve posted them all here for you to view, along with the cover of the latest issue and my page from inside.

Words can’t express how grateful I am for this honour. Thanks to all the judges, the staff at Rangefinder Magazine, and all the wonderful couples who have invited me into their lives for these wonderful, crazy days and adventures. Lastly, thanks to my partner in life and crime, Alastair Innes (the ‘He’ in our duo She Takes Pictures He Makes Films) for being the best man ever.

This job is really freaking special.


Tom - Beautiful!

Sophie - Your work is amazing! Love all your photos :)

Braden - Rad selection, grats on the RF bump!

Laura Babb - So much epicness. I could cry with envy at that helicopter shot. So good, as is the whole set. Huge congratulations.

Igor Demba - Love your sense of aesthetics Lucy, frame after frame! You should be incredibly proud. Congrats!

Lauren Marshall - You are such a CHAMP – Well Done mate!! Inspirational stuff xx

Tommy-latophotography - Powerful images, the portrait of the blond with the glasses is crazy ❤❤❤

Jess Hunter - Huge congrats, loving these images so much. You have such a unique style ❤️

Justyna Bedford - these portraits are so beautiful! love your colours! and major congrats!

Danielle & Ashley - Stunning! Well-deserved + warm congratulations Lucy. xo

Amanda + Cam in Wonderland | Cactus Country Wedding


Let’s backtrack.

Amanda and Cam planned their elopement style wedding – with only eight close family members and friends to be present – at Cactus Country, an otherworldly garden of Eden on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. They dreamt of saying their vows amongst vivid colours and glorious sunshine; but does nature always play along? No. Nature’s kind of a dick sometimes.

For a couple like this, however, no amount of torrential downpours were going to get in their way. What followed was an epic adventure – battles with storms and millions of thorns; dances in clouds of coloured smoke; cross-country rides in classic cars… all culminating in a sumptuous feast at Junction Moama, with stunning styling by the bride herself.

I haven’t found the time to blog a full wedding in over a year (!), but I just couldn’t wait to share this one with you all.

Captured by Alastair and me as She Takes Pictures He Makes Films. Big love to Alex Stevens for her assistance on the day.

UPDATE: See Alastair’s film at the bottom of the post, featuring a soundtrack by Sal Kimber and a title illustration by Caro Facelli.

♦ Featured on Hello May

“Luce, where do we begin? The photos have turned out absolutely amazing. Of course the whole time we were planning we had our fingers crossed for sunny days, but even though that wasn’t the case we had full confidence with your ability. Given the horrendous weather forecast for that single day of the week, we must say the end result exceeded all expectations… we wouldn’t have changed a thing if we were to do it all again.” - Amanda + Cam

Film by Alastair Innes:

“Alastair… We cannot begin to thank you both enough for how you guys have both captured our day. We are so glad we found you after an extensive social media stalk… You have captured such a unique and magical day for us and it is something that will be timeless and we will always hold close to our hearts and remember fondly. Your work has exceeded all the high expectations we had, and was well worth the wait. You guys rock!!!” – Amanda + Cam

Venue: Cactus Country
Flowers: Emily Bloom Florist + Cobram Flowers
Smoke Bombs: Coloured Smoke.com.au
Ceremony Styling: Gather Vintage Hire
Make Up: Sublime Mobile Hair and Makeup
Dress: The Bride’s aunt – Lis Jones
Bridal Shoes: Mystique Sandals
Groom’s Ensemble: Politix
Groom’s Shoes: Aquila
Suspenders: King of Sole
Reception Dinner: Junction Moama
Reception Prop Hire: Mack and Mills
Cake: Paper Cake
Limo: Classic Classic Cruzin Limosines
Accomodation: Adelphi Apartments
Celebrant: Anita Heard 




gian carlo - Man, oh man. This is not fair. You are at the top of the mountain looking down girl. Well deserved and incredibly well done. thanks you for sharing it. best wishes. always

Glenn Stephenson - Thoroughly enjoyed both the stills and the video. I can totally see why Amanda and Cam would’ve been blown away by the way you captured their day. Bravo!

Brett - Truly amazing work, and what a day. Brilliant!

Anna - Now that’s how you elope! Gorgeous work Lucy.

Dion - WHAAAT! Incredible.

Camp Common Folk, Perth WA | Guest Speaker

Photo by Anna Taylor

A few months ago I had the immense pleasure of speaking at Camp Common Folk in the Donnelly River, Western Australia. Four days of photo walks, campfires, crash courses and guest talks with dozens of passionate, friendly and rad artists from around Australia… as well as a few hundred kangaroos and emus (I’ve never felt so ‘Strayan).

My talk - Composing (and selling) Using Bold Photographic Design - focussed on the various compositional techniques that can help to create a more impactful photograph.  I explored the many areas I draw inspiration from – cinema, fine arts, animation, record album covers – breaking down the imagery to determine why it effects me, and how these powerful visual elements can translate into my own work.

In the lead up to the camp, I was so focussed on preparing my talk that I didn’t even consider how much I would get out of attending; not only from my fellow speakers Dan O’Day, Jessica Tremp, Andrea Murrow, Jai Long and Natasja Kremers, but from every single person I encountered on the camp.  The electric enthusiasm around the room (or forrest) was palpable, and I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated and inspired, just in time for the next wedding season to hit.  Plus – most importantly – I’d made a shitload of wonderful new friends.

Sending massive love thanks to Glenn, Lauren and Jenna for inviting Alastair and me along and for running such a rad getaway; and to everyone who attended and made us feel so welcome.  And thanks to all for the epic flash party at the end.

*A little film from my She Takes Pictures He Makes Films partner Alastair Innes is coming soon.

Photos by Amanda Alessi

Photos by Anna Taylor

Photos by Amanda Alessi

Photos by Amanda Alessi, last photo by Julia Rau


Daniel - Wish I could have been there to hear your talk! Next time in Melbourne!

Anna - Ahhh – it was so great meeting you and Alastair – face to actual face. Teal & orange. Teal & Orange. :) xx