Spain on Film

Alastair and I recently returned from a road trip through Spain (after shooting a spectacular wedding in Portugal – coming soon to the blog).  In what turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time, I borrowed a Yashica Mat 124G from my friend Jason Lau, stuffed my bag full of Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5 film, and set off to document our adventure the old fashioned way. I only wonder why it took me this long.

Back in my photography school days I shot film almost exclusively, but for the last 6 years I’ve worked only with digital. Getting back to this analogue shooting style is blissful photo-therapy; a chance to slow down, think, breathe, and make careful decisions at a steady pace.

It feels like magic.


Glenn - These are all just awesome – your tones are killing it!

Oli - Off the chain Luce. Nothin compares. You did an insanely beaut job.

Tahnee - Incredible. So beautiful, Lucy!

James Bennett - LOVE THESE!! Really nice Lucy, congrats.

Eric Ronald - Fantastic Lucy. Well done.

El - Gorgeous shots! Seriously good!

Bianka + Glenn // Glen Ewin Estate Wedding, South Australia

Two of my favourite people in the world got hitched earlier this year. Get ready for my biggest wedding post yet.

Bianka Feo (of Coops + The Bird) + Glenn Jaunzarins (of Encarta) – musicians, lovers and wonderful friends of mine – were married at Glen Ewin Estate in the Adelaide Hills, after having a ‘first look’ at their favourite pub (and regular gig venue), the lovely Grace Emily Hotel.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this day, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – except to make special mention of Bianka’s spectacular custom made gown by Adelaide-based genius Paolo Sebastian, and the hot Ford Falcon 351GT built with love by the bride’s father, Rocky.

B + Glenn, thank you – I love both of your faces off.

x x x

Very special thanks to Lucy Partington for her assistance.


Darren O Brien (Ireland) - Wow…just…!

Noel Deasington - Amazing work! Inspiring indeed!

Erica MacInnes - Pretty pretty pretty!!

Claudia - Absolutely captivating story-telling. You did such a wonderful job capturing expressions and the overall joy of the day. Well done!

Kristopher Bell - These are some of the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. So fitting to the couple as well, sure Bianca and Glen are ecstatic! Awesome guys see ya soon :) k

Kylie R - Truly stunning photos. They look like such a beautiful and happy couple!

Lucie Curry Cheenne - Amazing Luce! x

Tahnee - Oh Lucy! Simply spectacular! I can only imagine the tears shed as the beautiful newlyweds saw them.. such love here – it’s so loud! :)

Ariana – Hey Wedding Lady - What a stunning couple! Her hairstyle with that circlet is absolutely gorgeous!

James - Absolutely spectacular work Lucy.

Rebecca Greck - Absolutely stunning! Luce – your work is amazing and B – the love that you can see in those photos is just amazing!! xx

Lauren J Marshal - Amazing!!!
Love your work bud. Really inspiring!! **CHEST BUMP** :)

Dancehouse // Victoria Chiu’s ‘Floored’

Last year I had the chance to work with dancer Victoria Chiu during the development stage for her latest piece at Dancehouse.

Floored was Chiu’s exploration into comfort and complacency – our love of indulgence, our dependence on routines, our addiction to intricate mechanisms generating imprisoning comfort zones and safety nets.

Click here for her interview about the piece with Paul Ransom for Dance Informa.

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